Before the Curtain Rises

A hush, louder than a roaring wind,

winds its way deep into many.

Breaths come shallow.

Eyes stare expectantly into the dark.

A chilling wait, like a thousand years,

freezes those eager for action.

Behind the ancient red barrier,

thespians’ costumes are perfect.

Hairspray galore!

Everyone’s waiting, though not all reasons

are the same. I’m excited for one.

It’s familiar territory.

We hope as one the acts all go well.

Minutes before, some legs were broke.

No luck for us.

I breathe deep. My mind clears and fills with thoughts

so familiar, rehearsed, almost stale.

I’m no longer myself outside.

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I am a 7-year-old​ stuck in a twenty-something's body. I enjoy long walks on the beach and peanut butter on waffles. If the following combinations of letters mean anything to you: OYAN, LotR, F.R.O.G., AiO, OBPC, DIY Then we can be friends. And if not, we still can be friends!

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