Stanislavski and Wonderology

I am currently reading “An Actor Prepares” by Constantin (or Konstantin) Stanislavski for a college paper. On page 87, I came across a passage that illustrates the essence of Wonderology beautifully:

“How can we teach unobservant people to notice what nature and life are trying to show them? First of all they must be taught to look at, to listen to, and to hear what is beautiful. Such habits elevate their minds and arouse feelings which will leave deep traces in their emotion memories.

Nothing in life is more beautiful than nature, and it should be the object of constant observation. To begin with, take a little flower, or a petal from it, or a spider web, or a design made by frost on the window pane. Try to express in words what it is in these things that gives pleasure. Such an effort causes you to observe the object more closely, more effectively, in order to appreciate it and define its qualities.

And do not shun the darker side of nature. Look for it in marshes, in the slime of the sea, amid plagues of insects, and remember that hidden behind these phenomena there is beauty, just as in loveliness there is unloveliness. What is truly beautiful had nothing to fear from disfigurement. Indeed, disfigurement often emphasizes and sets off beauty in higher relief.” ~ Stanislavski

Stanislavski, Constantin. An Actor Prepares. New York: Theatre Arts, 1948. Print.

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