A Deliciously Rotton Poem

This morning I stumbled across this blog post encouraging readers to comment with bad poetry just for the fun of it. I couldn’t resist! This poem flowed faster than my fingers could type, and makes me laugh when I try to read it out loud. Enjoy, and feel free to comment with your own rotten poem if you like! 😀

True Love’s Labour’s Long Lasted

When I was young and inncognizant

My golden locks did twinkle

A rudimentary boy child

Hidden in woods did tinkle

Despite his repugnant exploits

My palpitatious heart expanded

When first we held cotton-swab-soft hands

My destiny on my life was branded

My love left for dangerous war

I wrote him letters each Tuesday

When a report from the battle front arrived

I almost died from wooze-sway

At the blood painted hospital

Wails of hearts wrenched from bossoms

Echoed like tractor parts down a well

And my love’s face glowed as red as a rose blossom

I wrapped my alabaster arms around his head

And I swore I’d never let go

He coughed beneath my under arm

And he died painful and slow

I stripped him of his uniform

I wear it day and night

My little boy – my solider brave

My brass shining knite

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I am a 7-year-old​ stuck in a twenty-something's body. I enjoy long walks on the beach and peanut butter on waffles. If the following combinations of letters mean anything to you: OYAN, LotR, F.R.O.G., AiO, OBPC, DIY Then we can be friends. And if not, we still can be friends!

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