I love rain. To some people rain may seem a gloomy thing. Not to me. For one, it’s water FALLING FROM THE SKY! How fascinating is that?! After the blinding white snow sits around for a few weeks, it is rather nice to hear the almost forgotten pitter-patter of rain on your roof.

I slipped on my coat, hooked up my little dog to the leash, and sloshed outside. Even though I had some reading and writing to do, I couldn’t resist running back inside for my trusty old, 7 mega pixel, point-and-shoot. One of my dreams is to own a nice camera with the best micro lens there is.

I like looking at little things. Up close and personal.

Under one of our leaky gutters there sits a big black tub. An oval of ice floated in it, ready to sink a toy Titanic. Underneath the water, a rim of encased bubbles called to my camera.


Aren’t they pretty?


I took about 5,000 (ok, maybe more like 30) blurry pictures of this wet lady bug. The grey sky didn’t help the fact that I blocked the lighting to take the picture, so I got the idea to grab an LED flashlight. (Because that’s like sunlight, right?) I tried shining that on the bug and it worked! (If you look at the top picture, you can see the reflection of my little flashlight! 😉 )


I found this little fellow beside the sidewalk.

Isn’t it beautiful?

New growth, bright green (my favorite color), and wet mud remind me that spring is my favorite season! This bright little sprig will grow up to be a strong, tenacious grass soon!

DSC05720 - Version 2

Water has always thrilled me.

I am chronically attracted to puddles. Any puddle I see must be stepped in, no matter what shoes I’m wearing!

Look at the view inside this droplet. A single drop of water can bend an image in an art form all its own! I wish I were that tallented!

Stopping to see the little things in life somehow broadens one’s perspective. Through the little things we see just how big the world is. I try to see the wonder in the little things. Their beauty, and who they reflect.


Thomas ~ a poem

This is a poem I wrote almost two years ago. I wrote it to be read out loud, so either look both ways to make sure no one can hear you, or lock yourself in the bathroom! This poem is based on one of my favorite childhood characters: Thomas the Tank Engine.


___couplings- collide__CHUGCHUG__cu-couples-colliding___







The Man-Made Sledding Hill of Main Street

Today, Sunday the first of March, just about every church canceled services…except mine. The weatherman called for 4-8 inches of snow all day, of course that would fluff over the other four we already had. The temperature got up into the 30os – we almost didn’t need to wear coats. (In fact, a guy a church didn’t wear one!)

Once back from our snowy excursion to church, we noticed the neighbors across the street having it out with a snowball fight. I geared up with three pairs of pants, a tank top, sweatshirt, coat, gloves, scarf, hat, and neon green snow boots. After tossing some powder, the little one’s noses turned a shade too red and they joined their mommy inside. The two guys and I decided to build a snow man, which turned into a fort project, which turned into a mound project, which eventually turned into a sledding hill. A girl and boy from up the street joined, along with my big brother, and a phone-a-friend. Flying leaps, snowy faces, DSC05624thrilling feats, and unending laughter ensued.

Here on Main Street even though we live close together, we don’t connect with our neighbors as often as we should. Sometimes it takes some snow to bring neighbors together.  A smile from a familiar face on a blustery first-of-March-day will warm any heart. The little things in life, the everyday things sometimes matter the most.

Glittering Ice

Take a moment and consider ice. Sometimes smooth and glassy, other times sharp and cruel. Deceptive in the shadows, yet splendid in the sun. Magnificent inch-high sculptures carved by the wind sit most times unnoticed by those passing by. Glittering ice reflecting the warm winter sun takes one’s clouds of breath away.

The stiff air is hard to breathe, as I stand outside pondering these things.

I love the little things in life. The everyday things. Wonderology.~C.L.H.

OneWord: “Wealth”

Oneword is a handy little website that ignites the imagination by prompting you with one word and 60 seconds to write about it. If you’ve never tried it, or even if you have, give it a click and have a go at today’s word. A little while ago the word of the day was “wealth”, and I came up with this poetic, rather severe sounding tidbit:


The word of the day is the same for everyone. I do not know at what time zone the site is, but it changes sometimes twice a day and sometimes not at all. Despite the inconsistency however, Oneword gives the gears of your mind a nice shove in a creative direction. Feel free to comment with your brain exercise!

Before the Curtain Rises

A hush, louder than a roaring wind,

winds its way deep into many.

Breaths come shallow.

Eyes stare expectantly into the dark.

A chilling wait, like a thousand years,

freezes those eager for action.

Behind the ancient red barrier,

thespians’ costumes are perfect.

Hairspray galore!

Everyone’s waiting, though not all reasons

are the same. I’m excited for one.

It’s familiar territory.

We hope as one the acts all go well.

Minutes before, some legs were broke.

No luck for us.

I breathe deep. My mind clears and fills with thoughts

so familiar, rehearsed, almost stale.

I’m no longer myself outside.