Mound View Cemetery – my happy place

Mound View Cemetery

Long have I walked among the stones

They taught me how to read

I rode my bike along the roads

With Daddy guiding me


He took me up to “Dirt Bomb Hill”

We played with clods of soil

He led us to the old oak tree

Where squirrels often toil


Some days rounding the last bend

Un-pocket chosen stones

Racing, kicking them along

While beneath lay silent bones


The yard was always peace to me

Until sweet Caroline

Baptized in holy water

Drank communion wine




My Daddy

My Daddy

Never was a Daddy so silly.

Never was a Daddy so dandy.

Never did a Ted, Frank, or Billy

Beg so for a piece of candy.

Never does this Daddy dance.

Off key does this Daddy sing.

Loudly does this Daddy prance-

For what reason? Not a thing!

Never was a Daddy so nice.

Never was a Daddy so thrifty

And when Daddy looks at the price

The cent marks best not exceed fifty!

Never does Daddy complain

When looking at himself.

Daddy does love to entertain!

My Daddy is so like myself!

(Originally written 2012 for Daddy’s birthday)

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

His bones cracked

His skin ripped

His screams curdled

Blood. For me.

He cried for me.

He died for me

The pride of me.

Lies. Eyes. Mouth. Hands. Mind. Words. Lust. Hate. Jealousy. Judgement. Gluttony. Procrastination. Abuse. Abortion. Pouting. Whining. Taunting. Joking. Craving. Hoarding. Seething. Yelling. Sneering. Kicking. Screaming. Sniffing proud-nose-in-air. Adultery. Disobedience. Greed. Idolatry. Narcissism. Blasphemy. Laziness. Murder. Dishonor. Fornication. Pornography. Pride.

He took the pain

for my free reign.

I am bound

No more, why

Do I hang

On to what I

Should not.

My eyes, blind,

Can see right

Through myself

With a glass

From Him. The

Wine. The Bread.

Thorns stuck

Inside His head

Beaten in with

A stick. The

Sickness of sin

Turned Him in,

But did not read

Between the lines.

He wrote my story

With His glory

Intertwined with Mine.

I may thank Him before eating

My hamburger with cheese.

I’m a good person

“Thank you” & “Please.”

I never do cuss…

Out loud – but in my head.

I talk about Him…

Profaning His name.

I know I’m loved

So why not splurge?

Because with His

Blood the world purged.

Globular scarlet

Staining the ground,

Drowned out the

Sound of laughter from

Your lame pun.

His gravelly throat

Screamed, clouds covered

The sun. Blood, sweat, tears

All mingled in one.

Sweat through eyes

Blood through scalp

Tears through wounds.

Skin carved away

With 9 tails to

Roast on the spit

Of a Cross.

He wouldn’t stay

Up by Himself so they

Tacked Him up

Pinned Him down.

His palms splintered

With the wood.

They didn’t bother

To sharpen the nails,

Just tried to decide

Which end would

Drive faster through

Flesh into wood?

He thought of my


Your puns.

Her mouth.

He pondered them all.

“Forgive them,


They know not what

they do.”

He took the blame

Pain, blood, nails

Tails – 9 whips

With shattered shards

Of glass woven into

His back.

He died. Of pride.

Not His, but Mine.

I killed Him, but

He’s not dead.

He went through Hell

For us to tell

The rest of the story.

He didn’t stay away

Just for three days

Then He rose with

The sun. The Son.

He died for me,

Cried for me. The pride of

Me. Now lives.

How can I not give

What He asks of me?


One Word ~ Salesman

Today’s prompt from Oneword was “Salesman”. I immediately thought of that one old Veggie Tales “Madame Blueberry” where the unsuspecting berry is swindled into buying many things she doesn’t need. I hope you enjoy my little poem I wrote in a minute:


You know you don’t need it,
but somehow you want it –
You know you shouldn’t,
but you do.
You know you will,
but say you won’t.
You did.
The salesman won.

Thomas ~ a poem

This is a poem I wrote almost two years ago. I wrote it to be read out loud, so either look both ways to make sure no one can hear you, or lock yourself in the bathroom! This poem is based on one of my favorite childhood characters: Thomas the Tank Engine.


___couplings- collide__CHUGCHUG__cu-couples-colliding___







The Sir

The Sir


This specimen

I interest in

Its qualities abound.

Upon solid ground

Its sole transportation

With some speculation

Was discovered in

Its long abdomen.

Sparkling scales

Skyrocketing sales

Surround a slender

Skeleton. An expert blender

In its habitat

Slithering slyly this way & that.

Silently slipping

Into the Mississipping

Out of sight

So as not to cause fright

To an innocent bystander.

While some slander

“Goodness sake”

You can count on the snake.