Brick Sidewalks

Some folks

Don’t take the 


To keep

Their sidewalks 


Leaving leaves

To nature’s 




Of elegant,



Arranged with 


So many 

Years ago.

Today I am Happy

Today I am happy for liquid glass,

and reading books to un-amused cats,

and furry sweaters with upside-down owls,

and drying my hands on clay dusty towels.

Today I am happy for gray winter skies,

and nods from friends I see passing by,

and pickle ball scores confusing to say,

and sugar-white snow blown along the way.

Today I am happy for morning alarms,

and music to listen to stretching my arms,

and warm places to study and sleep,

and writing new words that I get to keep.


Fall is crunchy burn bright leaves

and skiddy-scrape sounds in the wind.

Fall is itchy sweaters made of wool

and holey socks on the mend.

Fall is crispy apple smell with a bite

and warm cider sittin’ in a mug.

Fall is jumping in slippery leaves

and a late night blanket hug.

Fall is snappy campfire sparks

and flicking spiders off the tinder.

Fall is frosty grass in the morning

and soft gentle hints of winter.

One Week Later

Sitting still


just like







as dizzy

day dreams


My head



on wrong

and my



out of place.

The spine’s

still mine

but in the pictures

it looks like

a textbook


I fidget while standing.

I fidget while sitting

and while I’m awake

I just want to sleep.

And while I sleep

I just want to run

and dance

and look down at my feet

and lift heavy things

like books

like food

like laundry

like one-month-old babies.

But today’s


the day

that I

am all better

and that

is okay

with me.


The Difference Between Messy & Dirty

There is a difference between messy & dirty.

Messy is clay counterclockwise on the wheel, paint splatting spots on clothes, and baking flour dusting your nose.

Dirty is surprise spiderwebs, festering ants, and age-old dust turned grime.

I’ve decided I hate feeling dirty.

Sometimes it’s more than what soap could wash away.

Dirty is holey 5-year-old shoes, nodding when you don’t understand, and when guys look at you the wrong way.

Shame. Guilt. Inferior


I love clean.

Clean is warm soapy water, thick new socks, and an out-of-the-tray printed page.

Clean is deep air through nose and closed eyes, stars with nothing between, and strawberries with sugar.

Clean is baby skin, fresh ink, and warm towels.

Clean is a light switch both on and off.

Clean is the sound of moving water.

Clean is pure.


The Spreading Disease of Horizontal Surfaces

So, I’ve been wanting to write this poem literally for months.

But I didn’t ever try sitting down to work on it.

And then today, while procrastinating work on my little dinosaur book project, I got the first lines while standing in front of a mirror examining my chin scar.

What follows is the result:

“Here, here! This meeting’s 

not yet adjourned 

for all parties 

much concerned 

all gathered here 

like gathered dust 

on our topic: 

horizontal surface-sus! 

“Good friends, good day 

and do not fear! 

I believe a cure 

is rather near 

for stubborn  

plateaus ever mean 

which are so hard 

for us to clean. 

“On every table, shelf, 

counter, or chair 

clutter mounts up  

just everywhere 

spreading like some  

infectious disease 

going wherever  

it may please! 

“This devastation 

must meet an end 

any suggestions 

you recommend?”  

“I say we stop it 

spreading more 

by placing clutter 

on the floor!” 

“No that won’t do, 

try this instead: 

place everything  

upon your bed!” 

“What a solution! 

Look what we’ve learned. 

Good friends,  

This meeting is thus adjourned!”

777 Writing Challenge

Writing novels can be a lonely undertaking.

Few people outside of my writing community know anything about my story worlds and characters that I’d lived with for years.

What I write is FAR from publishing so I don’t share much, if anything.


Here we are.

A fellow OYANer, Rachel, did this 777 challenge on her blog:

The 777 Challenge
This challenge is a little “game” to share your current WIP (work in progress) of whatever it is you’re writing, assuming you have enough written to qualify.

Also apparently after looking through the backlog of tags from previous blogs who have done this, this challenge was originally referred to as the 7777 Challenge (four 7s instead of three), but I’m dropping the last 7 and you’ll see why at the end of the list.

How It Works

  1. Open WIP to the 7th page.
  2. Scroll past the 7th line.
  3. Copy the next 7 paragraphs, and… paste them on your blog for the world to see!
  4. Tag 7 other people to do this challenge.


I just went down quite the rabbit hole of poorly fonted blogs trying to see where this challenge started, but the internet is a vastly dark and dangerous place….

What follows is an excerpt from approximately page 7 and since there was dialogue, I fudged the 7 paragraphs thing.

The girl’s cone had collapsed. The others handed her napkins and she wiped off everything. She unhooked Jerry and, to my horror, dropped him in the trash! They all walked away laughing!

“Ugh!” I said, coming out from behind the counter.

The bell clanged as I sped outside. There in the trash can, on top of grimy spoons and paper bowls, lay poor Jerry face-down in despair. I pulled him out and took him inside.

“What are you doing?” Goldi asked.

“I’m going to clean him up.”

I carried him to the bathroom sink and ran warm water over his dear, soiled body.

“What are you going to do with it?”

She leaned in the doorway.

“Keep him, of course!”

“For what?”

I turned off the faucet and squeezed the water out. He looked loads better already.

“For me.”

Grabbing some paper towels I patted him as best as I could. Goldi still stood there. She looked ready to say something.

“So, I’m weird!” I said. “I like stuffed animals. There are worse hobbies to have, right?”

I pushed past her through the doorway, walked to the back, and clipped Jerry onto my purse.

The rest of the work day went pretty smoothly. An hour before the shift ended, I dipped waffle cones in chocolate since there was a lull in customers. Goldi’s phone went off, and she rushed to the back to take it. We aren’t really supposed to be on our phones at work; I keep mine in my purse.

The doorbell jangled but I had just dipped two cones, one in each hand, and the chocolate rained down. A rowdy family of six joked and laughed pointing their grimy fingers on the freezer glass.

This was loads of fun!
If you are inspired to take on the 777 challenge as well, feel free to leave a link in the comments so I can read yours and edit this post to share your link.